Everything is coming together.

As the title suggests my pre-trip preparations are gradually coming together.

I found out yesterday that my visa had been processed and approved and I have now booked my return flight to Adelaide for next August. I am, of course, still railing against that stupid requirement due to the added financial cost. Also, there is the added cost of having to go back to Melbourne next week to pick up my passport and visa when I am sure the Consulate could just have easily had it sent to my via registered post or courier. I am still looking forward to going to Melbourne though, as my lovely sister will be accompanying me this time (read: a girly day of shopping) and the Disney exhibition will be showing now at ACMI.

Finally, my thesis is gradually being finished and I can feel the summer holidays just around the corner! The weather here in Adelaide is finally warming up and the jacarandas are starting to bloom, which I absolutely adore. I am hoping there is lots more summer weather around the corner before I head for Spain and the depths of a northern winter.

Back to my study now or I might just keep on reading HP Book 5… (I have been re-reading the series before I leave as I won’t be able to fit all the books in my suitcase!).

41 days till I fly out!


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