Spain through its television programming.

Just a trivial post with a list of the TV shows that have been on during my first week in Spain. A prize* to whoever can translate the most titles without the help of everyone’s best friend, Google.

Bob Esponja
Mentes Criminales
Gran Hermano
Los Simpson
El Principe de Bel-Air
Los Tudor
Caso Abierto

*Disclaimer: The prize in this competition consists solely of bragging rights and does not constitute a material or monetary prize.


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8 responses to “Spain through its television programming.

  1. Kyle Kazz

    Ok, off the top of my head I see, the simpsons, fresh prince of bel air and the Tudors 😛 I recognize words from the others but couldn’t tell you what shows they are, lol xxxxxx

  2. Janet & Peter

    14th January 2011

    Hallo Alexandra!

    Peter and I have been enjoying your comments about your preparations prior to leaving Adelaide and now that you are in Spain. We are wondering if the Spanish people speak with an American accent when speaking in English. When we were in Norway 18 months ago we noticed that most people, if they were speaking in English had that sort of accent – gained from learning to speak the language by watching TV programmes!

    Hope you continue to enjoy life and good health in Oviedo.



    • All of their TV shows and films (both on TV and at the cinema) are dubbed into Spanish. So they actually still have very strong Spanish accents when they speak in English because they are so rarely exposed to it!

  3. sharon Cadman

    Sponge Bob
    The Menatalist
    Big Herman?
    the Simpsons
    The Prince of Bel Air
    The Tudors
    Abierto’s House?
    Love this competition stuff, Ally. xx

  4. HAC

    Bob the Builder (not that we know what they look like at Encounter Bay)
    Criminal Minds
    The Simpsons
    The Prince of Bel Air
    The Tudors
    House Rules

  5. HAC

    Ally is Gran Hermano, Grand Designs cheers Dad

  6. Kyle Kazz

    Ok, now with the help of your hints I’m guessing:
    Spongebob squarepants
    Criminal minds
    Big brother
    The simpsons
    The fresh prince of bel-air
    The Tudors
    Cold case

    Love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Averil Pope

    Missed this competition. Too busy at work…new school etc etc.

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