Two Australians in Oviedo.

Me and my new Australian friend.

The magnificent gum tree I found in Campo de San Francisco yesterday. It’s nice to have some Australian company.


Filed under Asturias, Campo de San Francisco, Oviedo, Spain

6 responses to “Two Australians in Oviedo.

  1. Kyle Kazz

    How cool! Maybe there’s a thirsty koala sitting up there? No… no thatd be silly :p xxxxx

  2. HAC

    Eucalyptus with an ‘I’? Good to know you have company but, dare I say it, the other Australian’s personality might be a little wooden.

  3. wendyn

    Knew you would find one!!

  4. Bronny

    Wooden’t you know – friend whose bark is worse than his bite!

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