More TV.

I’m giving you all one more day to get guessing on those TV programs. A hint for you all: they are all programs that air or have aired on TV in Australia (EDIT: Another clue, they are all American programs)

Here’s a new one to ponder:
Padres Forzosos
The literal translation is “Forced Fathers”, which doesn’t even vaguely resemble the original title but relates to the story line instead. (EDIT: Another hint, the show stars a famous set of twins)

(EDIT: Some more hints for you. Elizabeth is my ‘hermana’ but I haven’t got an ‘hermano’. “Caso Abierto” literally translates to “Open Case”, the opposite of the original title.)

Keep guessing, I’m trying to hide your answers before everyone else sees them! (Interestingly, the two people most anxious to be involved in the competition share the surname “Cadman”. Apparently there’s a strong competitive streak there!)


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6 responses to “More TV.

  1. HAC

    No wonder I can’t find my (or Sharon’s)responses – they are being removed from the blog! ‘Forced Fathers’ = Home & Away? Father Ted? Big Love?Men Behaving Badly? I give up!

  2. Bronny

    Sponge Bob, Criminal minds, The Simpsons, The Prince of Bel-Air, The Tudors and ?? Cold Case!

    Don’t laugh!!!

  3. HAC

    So Gran Hermano is Big Brother. Is the other one Waking the Dead? Or it could be Cold Case. Still not sure about Forced Fathers!!

  4. sharon Cadman

    Big brother -thanks for the hint
    and no idea on the padres one.
    Keep up the good work, Ally.

  5. Kyle Kazz

    Padres forzosos = full house 🙂

  6. Cassandra

    Ally I’m finally getting around to reading all your blogs – hilarious! Sponge Bob is my favorite, along with the Fresh Prince! Not at all surprised your top readers are Cadmans…. Xx Cass

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