A very rotund behind.

As you may have already noticed, I have a new photo in my blog header. This is one of my own photos taken in the centre of Oviedo at the start of the shopping mall. Yes, that is a sculpture of a backside you can see there to the left.

The "Culis Monumentalibus" Statue

I have discovered that Oviedo is home to many sculptures (and also fountains and roundabouts but I’ll tell you all about those another time). These sculptures are generally quite unique and even bizarre. A classic example of the bizarre is the bum. It is called the “Culis Monumentalibus”.
You will be even more surprised to learn that the other side of the statue is exactly the same. It is a double-bottomed woman.

The back side of the backside

Given that she is also four metres high, quite wide and has two big bottoms, surely all the rest of us ladies can feel somewhat better about the size of our own derrières? Perhaps that is why it is stationed at the start of the shopping strip. No matter how big your bum looks in that pair of jeans it will never be as large as the two immortalised in bronze just outside!




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7 responses to “A very rotund behind.

  1. Actually, looking at those pictures now it’s the size of the thighs I’d be most worried about if I were her!

  2. HAC

    Is it appropriate to make mention of the Balls in Rundle Mall?

  3. HAC

    She doesn’t seem to have much in the way of knees either.

  4. Kyle Kazz

    “and as you can see, the arse is at the front” (applause)

  5. wendyn

    We saw similar in Rotterdam, but very skinny, bit of fun. Glad you are having a good look around Wx

  6. Averil Pope

    I love this. Grandma thought the photo was pretty amusing too. I am going to attempt to write to you a bit more. School is settling down a bit now ..I don’t feel quite like Neville new boy any more or should that be Nora new girl?
    Love Averil

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