Worth the wait.

Apologies for my recent disappearance from the blogosphere, I have been computer-less for about 3 weeks. Even now I am afraid I am not in a position to bring you all fully up-to-speed (I am typing this on the free internet computer at my hostel in Barcelona, but more on that later..!) I am simply posting to give you all notice to expect to see many, many new blogs from me in the next two weeks as I fill you in on my trips to Covadonga and Cangas de Onis, Asturias and to Barcelona, Catalunya. As well as sharing with you a ton of photos from these trips and more photos from around Oviedo itself!

Hopefully you find these posts are worth the wait!



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5 responses to “Worth the wait.

  1. Bronny

    Great to hear all is well apart from computer glitch! Looking forward to beaucoup de blogs. Bronny and Greyman

  2. HAC

    Thanks for whetting our appetite. Hopefully your parcel isn’t on a slow boat to China…xxx

  3. Beryl

    Hi Ally

    Suddenly the world is a much bigger place when technology lets us down. You’ve obviously been busy. Looking forward to hearing all about your latest jaunts.


  4. wendyn

    Thanks for this had been hanging out. glad all going well. Wx

  5. averil pope

    Glad to hear you are sort of back in cyber space. All well here. cass moved to Sydney, Lucy got into first choice B Mus. Congrats on your wonderful outstanding results Ali. Love Av.

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