Wordy Wednesday: ¡Estoy Pez!

Tonight I can certainly use this expression about myself: ¡Estoy pez! However the first time I heard this phrase over here in Spain it would be fair to say I was more than a little confused.

Imagine you are sitting in the English department with some teachers when one of them with whom you have been chatting in English (with a bit of difficulty) bursts out with: ¡estoy pez!

Literal translation: I’m fish.

Naturally you would think you mis-heard somehow and just smile along like you usually do when something goes right over your head. Well, I didn’t mis-hear, the teachers explained it to me and now I can explain it to you.

Essentially you exclaim ¡estoy pez! when you are feeling brain-dead and as though you know nothing at all. You are having a total mental blank and suspect that there is no cerebral activity whatsoever going on upstairs. Often connected to exhaustion, which is generally the culprit of these sorts of days where nothing in your brain works.

So tonight, sitting down to write this, I have been totally struggling because ¡estoy pez! (Side note: you may have already known that Spanish uses double exclamation marks. Something new, as you have seen here the first one doesn’t have to come at the beginning of the sentence, it comes at the beginning of the exclamation. Kind of sensible really, other times just tricky. But that’s a post for another day…)

Well, I have just made my self-imposed Wordy Wednesday deadline, it is still Wednesday here. Of course, for all of you home in Australia it is already Thursday morning. Have lovely Thursdays and if anyone can help, could you please tell me where the weeks go?!



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3 responses to “Wordy Wednesday: ¡Estoy Pez!

  1. HAC

    I just love it! X

  2. Bronny

    I just love the exclamation mark at the beginning! Twelve months today to the nuptials girl!

  3. thisblonde

    what a perfect phrase! You know I’ve never heard anyone down here say it? Usually it’s “estoy agotado/-a” – loosely translated = “I’m exhausted.” Yours is much more fun 🙂

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