At the halfway mark.

Today marked an important halfway point for me. I have finished my first tube of Vegemite. I brought two with me and at breakfast this morning I finished one of them. So, I am halfway through my Vegemite supplies.

I am also now about halfway through my stay here (if you can believe it!) so really, it all lines up quite nicely.



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7 responses to “At the halfway mark.

  1. Grayman

    Alexandra – ‘The Vegemite Kid’ …hang in ‘cos the UK & France have the ‘Black Art’ to satisfy your craving. The major problem will be to discover outlets that stock the dreaded paste. Expat & Aussie tourists will surely direct you to an appropriate supply chain. You may well gather that Vegemite is not on my list of preferred comfort foods ~ but I do appreciate & acknowledge the need of others to indulge in their craving ….. however bizarre that may be.
    Your regular reports from España are a delight to read ~ all power to you – keep them coming.
    Love ….. Grayman with Bronners in Whyalla this week xxx
    Monday 21 March 2011

    • I’m not really a big Vegemite eater at home but there is something about the expat status that makes it so much more appealing somehow. Or it could be the block of smelly cheese that I didn’t want to go to waste but that I could only tolerate on bread with lashings of Vegemite that has made me go through it so quickly..!

  2. HAC

    I have had a vision that a tall, dark and handsome man will meet you in Spain in May and he will have a fresh supply of Vegemite for you…xx

  3. sharon cadman

    Ditto to all of the above comments. Very clever, Helen. And like Grayman I am not fond of the brown stuff except as a hot broth!!! I am developing a great portfolio of photos from Espana thanks to you, ally, so may not have to visit in reality: can just scrapbook and journal yours!!!!Hard to believe you are already at the half way mark of your adventure. Make the most of the time left won’t you.

  4. thisblonde

    lol .. the stereotypical Australian fix, no? Venga, chica – ya estamos en Europa – hay que cambiar a Nutella 🙂

  5. wendyn

    I understand the vegemite dilema! Emma was always on the hunt for a person coming with a new tube! Wx

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