An update and an apology.

The update: I am back home in foggy, rainy Oviedo after my trip to Andalucía for Semana Santa. Sadly, I am not at all ready to go back to school on Tuesday as I was struck down during my holiday by a particularly vicious head-cold that I still can’t kick.

The apology is for being so far behind on my blog posts! I have about six weeks of stories and photos to share, so once I am fully recovered you can expect to have your inbox or Facebook feed stuffed with updates from me.

I will leave you in the meantime with one of my favourite photos of the trip (out of the 800 or so I took…). It is of a woman taking part in a procession in Granada, holding her candle and swinging her rosary.



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5 responses to “An update and an apology.

  1. Diana Warwick

    Can’t believe that you have the same headcold, all that way from here. My post would be the same as yours! Hope you get better quickly. Love the photos!

  2. HAC

    Apology accepted, and we look forward with eager anticipation to the next blog. Get well soon xx

  3. sharon cadman

    No apology necessary. But I do look forward to your next blog and pics. Hope the head cold /whatever clears up soon. Lots of love from me. xx

  4. wendyn

    love this photo!! Get well soon Wx

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