The Royal Wedding through Spanish eyes.

This past Friday I was grateful, not for the first time, that I don’t have to work on Fridays! Instead I spent the morning indulging in Twinings tea and coverage of the Royal Wedding. Of course this was coverage with a distinctly Spanish air. Mostly it was the morning programs showing the Wedding, complete with a panel of raucous, over-dressed commentators. Naturally the English vows, the service and the music didn’t mean an awful lot to them, so after the arrival of the bride and the most important part of the whole day (the Dress) it was back to loud, heated discussions about who was the best dressed, who was the worst dressed, what the Spanish royal family was wearing and so on. Still, it was an experience, and I learnt a whole bunch of new names for the members of the royal family. With that in mind, it’s time for a new competition: guess away at these Spanish versions of the names of some of our royals.

Reina Isabel II
Duquesa de Cornualles
Carlos, Príncipe de Gales
Príncipe Felipe, Duque de Edimburgo
Príncipe Enrique



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5 responses to “The Royal Wedding through Spanish eyes.

  1. HAC

    You should read the Sunday Mail’s account! As for the competition: Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall, William, charles Prince of Wales, Prince Philip duke of Edinburgh, Prince Henry/Harry. I will never think of Catalina flying boats in the same way again! Xx

  2. Dian Ruddell

    My guesses would be:
    Queen Elizabeth 2, Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall, William, King Carlos of Spain, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward

  3. wendyn

    The names are rather lovely. I always liked the olympic games for new versions of our names.
    We had high tea with girl friends across the road. We sang God save the Queen enjoyed the lessons and chat to the couple. The dress was gorgeous so timeless and not over the top. I wonder what yours will look like.
    Keep the stories coming, I am having a lovely time in Spain through them! Wx

  4. sharon cadman

    Now let me see;
    Queen Elizabeth 2
    Duchess o fCornwall
    don’t know
    don’t know
    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
    Prince Eric????
    Lousy guesses I know but the best I can do at this stage of the day.

  5. thisblonde

    SO Spanish. The channel we were on actually translated the vows .. it was awful. Although I think all countries can agree that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were in it to win it with those atrocious hats..

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