So I was away for over eight months and I’ve now been home nearly eight weeks. Want to know which part feels like it has passed most of my year? The eight weeks I’ve been home. It has been both hectic and dull; first with the initial bustle of arriving home, moving houses and job hunting, followed by weeks of tedium as no job offers rolled in, bank accounts dried up and I sank into an awful state of apathy and laziness.

But now, just short of eight weeks back in Australia, with a full-time job beckoning me to start in December, I’m giving myself November to post the stories and photos I’ve been sitting on for months and permitting myself to live in the past and glory in the memories of this year.

Because I did have an amazing time, met wonderful people (if any La Ería kids are reading this: I miss you!) and made memories that I hope will last a lifetime. Now I’m making myself relive them and enjoy them all over again, and I hope that you will too!

I have added some photos of my trip to Andalucía at Easter to my Flickr (follow the link down the side to see them) and I’ve updated my Tripline map (again, the link is on the right hand side there) so that it shows my full itinerary of travels around Europe between June and September. Enjoy!


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  1. wendyn

    Where is the new job? Good luck with it all. Never easy to come home and start over. We have been there done that with Emma twice! and my sister the generation before. Wx

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