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The Royal Wedding through Spanish eyes.

This past Friday I was grateful, not for the first time, that I don’t have to work on Fridays! Instead I spent the morning indulging in Twinings tea and coverage of the Royal Wedding. Of course this was coverage with a distinctly Spanish air. Mostly it was the morning programs showing the Wedding, complete with a panel of raucous, over-dressed commentators. Naturally the English vows, the service and the music didn’t mean an awful lot to them, so after the arrival of the bride and the most important part of the whole day (the Dress) it was back to loud, heated discussions about who was the best dressed, who was the worst dressed, what the Spanish royal family was wearing and so on. Still, it was an experience, and I learnt a whole bunch of new names for the members of the royal family. With that in mind, it’s time for a new competition: guess away at these Spanish versions of the names of some of our royals.

Reina Isabel II
Duquesa de Cornualles
Carlos, Príncipe de Gales
Príncipe Felipe, Duque de Edimburgo
Príncipe Enrique




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More TV.

I’m giving you all one more day to get guessing on those TV programs. A hint for you all: they are all programs that air or have aired on TV in Australia (EDIT: Another clue, they are all American programs)

Here’s a new one to ponder:
Padres Forzosos
The literal translation is “Forced Fathers”, which doesn’t even vaguely resemble the original title but relates to the story line instead. (EDIT: Another hint, the show stars a famous set of twins)

(EDIT: Some more hints for you. Elizabeth is my ‘hermana’ but I haven’t got an ‘hermano’. “Caso Abierto” literally translates to “Open Case”, the opposite of the original title.)

Keep guessing, I’m trying to hide your answers before everyone else sees them! (Interestingly, the two people most anxious to be involved in the competition share the surname “Cadman”. Apparently there’s a strong competitive streak there!)


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Spain through its television programming.

Just a trivial post with a list of the TV shows that have been on during my first week in Spain. A prize* to whoever can translate the most titles without the help of everyone’s best friend, Google.

Bob Esponja
Mentes Criminales
Gran Hermano
Los Simpson
El Principe de Bel-Air
Los Tudor
Caso Abierto

*Disclaimer: The prize in this competition consists solely of bragging rights and does not constitute a material or monetary prize.


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