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An update from the road.

I am writing this post for you all from Heidelberg, Germany, 35 days in to our wonderful travels. The number of stories and photos I have to share is incredible so for now I will just give you a brief list of some of the amazing things we have already seen and done.

1. We spent a fantastic week in London and barely scratched the surface of things we wanted to do.

2. While in London, we met two of our favourite actors, David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and had our photos taken with them!!

3. I pretended I was in a Jane Austen novel in Bath, and even drank the nasty spa water.

4. Although boating on Loch Ness didn’t bring any Nessie sightings, we did take in the peace and tranquility of all that water.

5. After years of seeing photos and videos sent by our friends in the Lake District, we finally made it there and even climbed a small hill: Rannerdale Knots.

6. We rode on the Eurostar Chunnel train and barely even noticed the time we were underwater.

7. Sat in front of the Sacre-Coeur looking out over Paris while eating a fresh baguette and camembert cheese for lunch.

8. We dined on fabulous French food in a restaurant in Lyon.

9. We biked through some beautiful parks on a wonderful sunny Sunday in Strasbourg.

10. Perhaps we have already consumed more ice-creams than is decent, including my all-time favourite here in Heidelberg.

So far we have taken two buses, eleven trains (not including changes for the same trip) and stayed in thirteen different accommodations, including the very memorable Inglis International Hotel just outside the Lakes. I have updated the map (the link to which you’ll find on the right-hand side of the page) with our full itinerary so far.

With one month already gone the time is passing far too quickly but we are squeezing in as much as we can. Hopefully I’ll be able to tease you all with some of my photos soon!




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For my sister.

Las niñas en el mar by Joaquín Sorolla.

One of the best things I did in Madrid last weekend was visit the Museo de Sorolla. This painting struck a particular chord and so here it is for all of you to enjoy.




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The best is yet to come.

A little taste of what’s to come.

Covadonga, Asturias.

EDIT: Check out my new Flickr Photostream via the Photos box to the right. Now you can all see my photos without succumbing to peer pressure and starting a Facebook profile!


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First impressions. Or, everything is coming up roses.

More than anything, what struck me the most flying over the coast into Asturias and then driving to Oviedo from the airport was how different it all was. I was truly struck by the fact that I was in a completely different country, on a different continent, in a different hemisphere. There was almost nothing I could point out and say: “That looks like Australia”. (Those notable exceptions include the highway, although naturally we were driving on the other side of the road, and the Ikea store.)

The view from my window: Oviedo's apartment blocks and hills

The coastline of tiny villages clinging to cliff tops above the ocean, all with red roofed houses against a green grass background. The hilly, even mountainous, terrain with many hillsides and valleys covered with pine trees. In the distance snow-capped mountains (I am not making this up; I was so very excited when I saw them from the plane and then the car!). The city; full of beautiful old buildings and apartment blocks 10 storeys high everywhere. All of it was new and exciting and even astounding at times.

When I got out of the car and looked around, I could still see in the distance the great big hills, as they ring the city. There are houses up there and even a statue of Jesus Christ, although I believe it is somewhat smaller than that it Rio de Janiero, and I can see this from my window.

The Jesus Christ Statue as seen from my window

I was so pleased when I got on the plane from Paris to Oviedo to feel my excitement at last outweighing any sadness or trepidation (in spite of the miniature, rubber-band-engine plane I was in) and once I arrived it was justified a hundred times.

I am so thankful to be here and after two days I can quite confidently say I love my job too (not so much that I want to be a teacher forever mind you, just enough to thoroughly enjoy myself for five months). So far, everything is coming up roses.



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