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So I was away for over eight months and I’ve now been home nearly eight weeks. Want to know which part feels like it has passed most of my year? The eight weeks I’ve been home. It has been both hectic and dull; first with the initial bustle of arriving home, moving houses and job hunting, followed by weeks of tedium as no job offers rolled in, bank accounts dried up and I sank into an awful state of apathy and laziness.

But now, just short of eight weeks back in Australia, with a full-time job beckoning me to start in December, I’m giving myself November to post the stories and photos I’ve been sitting on for months and permitting myself to live in the past and glory in the memories of this year.

Because I did have an amazing time, met wonderful people (if any La Ería kids are reading this: I miss you!) and made memories that I hope will last a lifetime. Now I’m making myself relive them and enjoy them all over again, and I hope that you will too!

I have added some photos of my trip to Andalucía at Easter to my Flickr (follow the link down the side to see them) and I’ve updated my Tripline map (again, the link is on the right hand side there) so that it shows my full itinerary of travels around Europe between June and September. Enjoy!



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There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

So we are home again. I’ve renamed my blog “Alexandra (was) in España”, which made me sadder than I had expected. And life goes on much the same as it ever did.

I do intend to write up all of my stories, from my last weeks in Spain and from our travels, so don’t abandon ship just yet. Once I can get my head around the thousands of photos those will be going up too.

Thanks for being so patient with me, apparently I am an awful blogger! But I promise, more fun to come.


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An update from the road.

I am writing this post for you all from Heidelberg, Germany, 35 days in to our wonderful travels. The number of stories and photos I have to share is incredible so for now I will just give you a brief list of some of the amazing things we have already seen and done.

1. We spent a fantastic week in London and barely scratched the surface of things we wanted to do.

2. While in London, we met two of our favourite actors, David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and had our photos taken with them!!

3. I pretended I was in a Jane Austen novel in Bath, and even drank the nasty spa water.

4. Although boating on Loch Ness didn’t bring any Nessie sightings, we did take in the peace and tranquility of all that water.

5. After years of seeing photos and videos sent by our friends in the Lake District, we finally made it there and even climbed a small hill: Rannerdale Knots.

6. We rode on the Eurostar Chunnel train and barely even noticed the time we were underwater.

7. Sat in front of the Sacre-Coeur looking out over Paris while eating a fresh baguette and camembert cheese for lunch.

8. We dined on fabulous French food in a restaurant in Lyon.

9. We biked through some beautiful parks on a wonderful sunny Sunday in Strasbourg.

10. Perhaps we have already consumed more ice-creams than is decent, including my all-time favourite here in Heidelberg.

So far we have taken two buses, eleven trains (not including changes for the same trip) and stayed in thirteen different accommodations, including the very memorable Inglis International Hotel just outside the Lakes. I have updated the map (the link to which you’ll find on the right-hand side of the page) with our full itinerary so far.

With one month already gone the time is passing far too quickly but we are squeezing in as much as we can. Hopefully I’ll be able to tease you all with some of my photos soon!



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An update and an apology.

The update: I am back home in foggy, rainy Oviedo after my trip to Andalucía for Semana Santa. Sadly, I am not at all ready to go back to school on Tuesday as I was struck down during my holiday by a particularly vicious head-cold that I still can’t kick.

The apology is for being so far behind on my blog posts! I have about six weeks of stories and photos to share, so once I am fully recovered you can expect to have your inbox or Facebook feed stuffed with updates from me.

I will leave you in the meantime with one of my favourite photos of the trip (out of the 800 or so I took…). It is of a woman taking part in a procession in Granada, holding her candle and swinging her rosary.



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At the halfway mark.

Today marked an important halfway point for me. I have finished my first tube of Vegemite. I brought two with me and at breakfast this morning I finished one of them. So, I am halfway through my Vegemite supplies.

I am also now about halfway through my stay here (if you can believe it!) so really, it all lines up quite nicely.



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Worth the wait.

Apologies for my recent disappearance from the blogosphere, I have been computer-less for about 3 weeks. Even now I am afraid I am not in a position to bring you all fully up-to-speed (I am typing this on the free internet computer at my hostel in Barcelona, but more on that later..!) I am simply posting to give you all notice to expect to see many, many new blogs from me in the next two weeks as I fill you in on my trips to Covadonga and Cangas de Onis, Asturias and to Barcelona, Catalunya. As well as sharing with you a ton of photos from these trips and more photos from around Oviedo itself!

Hopefully you find these posts are worth the wait!



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