The List

I love lists.

So we followed the herd and made a list; essentially it is a bucket list, but I don’t like that name so it is just The List. This is The First List, when we cross it all off, we’ll write another!

So, in no particular order, here is The List.

1. Get married. (March 17th 2012 here we come!!)
2. Travel on an overnight train.
3. Visit at least 3 continents.
4. Live overseas together for a year.
5. Learn how to ski.
6. Learn some Italian in Italy.
7. Plant a fruit tree.
8. Go on the Chunnel Train.
9. Look for Nessie in Scotland.
10. Take a photography course.
11. Eat pierogi and platski in Poland.
12. Master the art of drinking sídra in Asturias.
13. Get lost wandering the streets of Bath.
14. Try Couchsurfing.
15. Celebrate New Years Eve in a different country.
16. Learn the Cyrillic alphabet.
17. Blog for 12 months.
18. Remember the Holocaust at a WWII concentration camp.
19. Host a family Christmas lunch or dinner.
20. Visit all the Australian States and Territories.
21. Swim in the Aegean Sea.
22. Go to Tropfest in Sydney.
23. Stay overnight on a boat.
24. Go horseback riding somewhere awesome.
25. Ride in a gondola in Venice.
26. Sponsor a child living in poverty.
27. Visit all the sites on the Monopoly board (except maybe for jail!).
28. Pray or meditate every day for 2 months.
29. Celebrate both of our birthdays and our anniversary overseas.
30. Donate blood.
31. Watch all of the Best Picture Oscar winning films.


5 responses to “The List

  1. HAC

    Great list but it has one notable omission – means of support???? You’ve already done No. 3 – Asia, Europe, Australia – if you count living in Australia as visiting. Enjoy!

    • I don’t count 3 days in KL as visiting Asia, but yes, I have already set foot on three continents. Kyle won’t till May though! As for means of support, that’s dull bit going on in the background, spiced up by all of the fun things in The List. And it’s a bit hard to have career goals when you don’t know where that career is even going to start!

      • HAC

        If you are really clever/fortunate your career will not be dull and will encapsulate many of the things on the list – or at least facilitate them.

  2. Averil Pope

    The top of my list is to visit Broome!!! Not very adventurous. But I want to go back to England cos Bath is gorgeous. I am doing pretty well with mastering the art of drinking….

  3. wendyn

    Heh a great list, and I have done quite abit of it, surprized myself!! Including the overnight train Toulose to Rome won’t recommend it. But the old onight Adelaide to melb was great.

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